Ratliff Mandolin

40 years of building the finest mandolins

Hi. I’m Audey Ratliff and I’d like to welcome you to the RATLIFF MANDOLINS website. 2024 marks the 42th year we’ve been building mandolins. Each mandolin is completely hand made to old world standards of craftsmanship. Over 1265 mandolins have been built and shipped to satisfied customers all over the world. 

Feel free to contact me and we’ll discuss building one for you.

Ratliff Mandolin

Ratliff Mandolins offers arched-top mandolins in our “Master” series and our signature “Country Boy” series.   F-style and A-style mandolins are available in either series.  Whether it be a “Master” or “Country Boy” all RATLIFF mandolins are built to the highest exacting levels of craftsmanship and material selection.

F-Style "Master" Mandolins

The R-5 is our “top of the line” mandolin. Features include carved top and back, 3-ply binding and pearl inlays

A-Style "Master" Mandolins

Same materials and  quality as the Ratliff F-Style, but without the florentine curl.  Includes highly figured maple and ebony fretboard.

"Country Boy" Mandolins

Our “Country Boy” series features the highest quality construction standards inside and out  without all the fancy embellishments.