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Methods of communication we no longer support

Please feel free to contact us either by telephone or e-mail. RATLIFF MANDOLINS regretfully announces that we can no longer accept communications through any of the following methods:

Smartphone texts, smoke signals, telegraph, teletype, carrier pigeons, semaphore flags, instagram, ham radios, remote viewing, ICQ, candygrams, the Vulcan mindmeld, snapchat, drum beats, flaming arrows, wig-wag flags, myspace, cannon shots, signal lamps, the heliograph, skype, two cans tied together with a string, mental telepathy, microwaves bounced off the surface of the moon, twitter, messenger dogs, American Sign Language, linkdn, Morse code and/or anything that needs to be decoded including winks, flirtatious smiles or the wrinkling of the nose.

Again, sorry but that's just the way it's got to be..............Only telephone calls or e-mails